By educators, for educators.

As educators from Princeton University and California Institute of the Arts, we needed a learning management system that did more than just manage learning. So we assembled a team of forward-thinking designers, educators, and engineers to build a flexible system that didn’t hold us back. What resulted is Kannu: a thoughtfully designed learning platform that you and your students actually want to use.

Kannu connects learners with the material, and with each other. Students put their new skills and knowledge to use faster, with more confidence.

Customer Success Story: Learn how renown institution California Institute of the Arts is using Kannu to power on their on campus and extended studies programs

You get all the features you expect from an LMS: content authoring and delivery, homework and assessments, user management, and student analytics.

“As an experienced educator, I can confidently say that this is the best LMS system I have ever used.”

-Lonce Wyse, National University of Singapore

But what makes Kannu unique is its focus on active learning and collaboration.

From their first day to graduation day, Kannu gives learners more opportunities for active discussion, sharing, and collaboration. Tools like digital galleries and portfolios accelerate their practice and prepare them for their careers.

Analytics and survey tools give you insight into where your curriculum is working, and where to make improvements. And time savers like cloning tools allow you to update content every term, without losing any of your hard work.

We’re here to help.

You get full access to documentation and a special Kannu training portal with video tutorials for every feature. You even get a dedicated support manager who can meet with you to help you get the most out of Kannu.

Contact us for more info, or to schedule a free demo/trial of Kannu