Kannu can take you anywhere.

Businesses are using Kannu in all sorts of ways: selling beautiful courses on a customized learning platform, raising the quality of product training, and accelerating employee onboarding.

Deliver your own content, on your own site.

Kannu supports fully asynchronous learning, so users can learn on their own schedule. And our focus on user-centered design improves both engagement and retention.

Customer Success Story: Learn how Kannu has helped professional artist and animator Jason Keyser launch his leading online learning platform for visual fx

Get employees on board, faster.

Boost your training material with our collaborative features: start breakout groups, or even interactive workshops.

Product training? Show—don’t tell.

Our media-friendly environment supports all types of learners, and guides your customers to power-user status.

We’re here to help.

You get full access to documentation and a special Kannu training portal with video tutorials for every feature. You even get a dedicated support manager who can meet with you to help you get the most out of Kannu.

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